Our Story

Our life goes by in seasons. In the spring, new life has boundless energy. Everything is new, and we explore the earth and learn the ways of the world. In the summer – as we get our teens – we make friends and get through school. In the fall, we find our career and our family, and slowly feel our bodies age. In the winter, we retire and spend time reminiscing with our family.

Each season is different, and each season comes with different troubles and ailments. No matter what the problem is, it needs to be treated.

When Jeff Lauer’s mother, Barbara, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia – a painful musculoskeletal disorder that affects sleep, mood, and fatigue levels – he knew she needed to help. Jeff’s family was falling apart. His father cried with frustration over his wife’s inability to help. He said he would be content if Barbara could get just one good night of sleep.

A long-time advocate of medical marijuana and other similar hemp-based products, Jeff believed that the all-natural plant could help his mother.

He dropped off a single dose of marijuana for his mother, with strict instructions on how to take it. A month passed, and Jeff checked in with his mom.

Barbara had taken the dose a few nights before. That night, the pain had overwhelmed her. No matter how hard she tried, she could not get comfortable, let alone fall asleep.

After she took the dose, all pain vanished. She felt relaxed and pain-free for the first time in a long time. Barbara slept through the night.

But Jeff’s parents grew up in the era of Reefer madness. Marijuana was a big no-no. His father disapproved. His mother was still on the fence about the whole thing.

That’s when it hit Jeff. He had seen the amazing effect of marijuana on his mother’s fibromyalgia. He knew that it would positively impact thousands of lives, especially for people in the winter season of their lives.

But his parents’ reaction to hemp is the rule, not the exception. The older generation pushes back against the plant.

So Jeff created Seasons 4 Releaf, a CBD oil company aimed at educating the older generation on the positive effects of CBD oil.

By educating people and spreading awareness of CBD oil, Seasons 4 Releaf wants to help people in pain while fighting the stigma of medical marijuana products.